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New MGH Emergency Department Rear Entrance Opening

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015 the Emergency Department at Massachusetts General Hospital will open a new rear entrance, as part of their phased construction plan.  The new entrance will be positioned on the same corridor in the Ellison Building as the current rear entrance, but will be located nearer to the entrance of Emergency Radiology.


Temporarily during MGH’s next construction phase, for approximatley 3 ½ months to the end of July, the following will occur:


·         The current rear door will temporarily remain open to the URGENT AREA ONLY. Access to the rest of the ED is through the new entrance.

·         The course for patient/visitor/EMS travel to and from the Urgent Area will follow on a short path outside the ED, with floor lines and signage clearly marking the way.

·         Badge readers and voice video intercoms will be located at the new entrance and the old entrance (to Urgent only).

·         Those persons without badges will need to use the voice video intercom to gain access.

·         Patients and visitors leaving the Urgent area should be directed out past the Ellison elevators and down the corridor by the MGH Gift Shop.



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