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2016 Recertification

You have until March 31st 2016 to complete & submit your continuing education hours for recertification.


If you have recently completed your recertification please disregard this email as sometimes it takes a few days for the computer system to update. 


In order to complete your recertification, you need to submit course completion documents to the Region IV training officer, Ryan Anderson, for review and approval. Failure to submit documentation prior to the deadline could result in non-recertification of your EMT credentials.


Course Completion can be documented by a COMPLETED course roster, or a course completion certificate issued by the program sponsor.


Per O.E.M.S. A/R 2-212, an OEMS course completion certificate must include:

  1. Attendee’s full name as it appears on their certification card; and
  2. Course instructor’s full name and signature; and
  3. Date of course completion and if applicable dates of all course sessions; and
  4. Number of approved hours (must show all levels); and
  5. Which portion of the course, if any, meets any of the National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR) for the specific level of EMS personnel; and
  6. OEMS Continuing Education Approval Number.

7.    CECBEMS policies regarding the requirements for course completion certifications should be reference for any course run with CECBEMS approval. 

Failure to provide completed documentation can either delay the recertification process, or prohibit your ability to recertify.



As always, if you have any questions on the recertification process please email the unaffiliated training officer at or you can call (781) 505-4367.