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OEMS REMINDER - Upcoming Certification Expiration

March 2016


IMPORTANT REMINDER – Upcoming personnel expiration


As the yearly expiration date (April 1) is quickly approaching, OEMS wants to remind you that personnel must have a Massachusetts state certification in order to staff an ambulance in the Commonwealth. We strongly recommend that leadership from all types of services that require personnel to be certified as EMTs check to ensure that personnel have renewed, have received updated certification cards, and their ambulance service has verified current EMT status against these cards.


While the regulations still require personnel staffing an ambulance to have a physical card on their person and the ambulance service to verify these original cards, you can check the status of a certification by visiting the online licensing site:


If personnel have yet to renew, and still show 4/1/2016 for an expiration date, please make sure they are following the instructions on the “1-2-3 Steps for Recertification” guides, available on our website. Please ensure training officers are checking their profiles as well, to ensure they have reviewed any submitted training profiles.  Once a certification is renewed, personnel can expect their card to be in the next weekly print batch. These are printed by a centralized state printer and are not available to be picked up from OEMS.



Please email with any questions about renewal.