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All Continuing Education Changes to an Approved Program and Blanket Approval Number Notifications

Notify MBEMSC & OEMS when changing any information on an approved Continuing Education program or holding a course under a blanket approval number. (When using this link OEMS is automatically notified of any change to an approved CE program)

Program Coordinators/Instructors who have received a blanket approval number for a continuing education course must notify OEMS and the Region at least 2 weeks prior to scheduling a course under that approval number1. If you are making any changes (i.e. time, date, instructor, location) or cancelling or rescheduling an approved program, notify Region IV as soon as possible. Again, when you submit this form, notification is sent to OEMS and Region IV simultaneously.

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1 OEMS Memo: EMS Continuing Education and Refresher Course Monitoring; Blanket Approvals Date/Time/Location Notification; 5-Day Deadline for Submission of Attendance Rosters

105 CMR 170.960(F) Prior to receipt of Department approval for a training program pursuant to 105 CMR 170.960(A), no nonaccredited training provider shall:

  • Advertise such a training program as approved by the Department;
  • Accept applications from prospective students; or
  • Conduct any classes for such a training program