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What is NEMSIS? The NEMSIS Project is an effort to create a National EMS Database. The database will contain data from local and state agencies from across the nation.

This effort will define EMS and pre-hospital care in a way never before imagined, improving patient care and EMS curriculum and defining a standard on with to measure care. Agencies across the nation will be able to share the key elements of their data nationally.

In Massachusetts the Department of Public Health, as lead agency for EMS in the Commonwealth, is charged with the collection and maintenance of standardized patient data and information by ambulance services, which services must ensure their EMTs are collecting on a trip record. The minimum EMS data set defined in A/R 5-403 is based on the National EMS Information System Dataset (NEMSIS), as set out in the 2006 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Uniform PreHospital Dataset document, V.2.2.1.

The Metropolitan Boston EMS Council (MA EMS Region IV) has developed this page to provide you with links and resources to assist you and your service in understanding NEMSIS, MATRIS and how they are inter-related.

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National EMS Information System Website -This website contains information on the overall data collection effort being brought forward across the country. The site includes resources to assist in the understanding the NEMSIS system.

Massachusetts NEMSIS Presentation - 2005

This link contains a PowerPoint regarding NEMSIS and its introduction to Massachusetts in 2005.

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Massachusetts Ambulance Trip Record Information System

This is the Massachusetts requirement for the collection of a minimal dataset by EMS services within the Commonwealth.

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Maine Office of Emergency Medical Services Data Collection

this link contains a PowerPoint that was given by Jay Bradshaw, Director, Maine Office of EMS regarding the State of Maine experience with data collection.

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Tri-County Maine Regional EMS

This link contains a PowerPoint that was given by Joanne LeBrun, Director, Tri-County EMS of Maine. This gives a regional perspective to data collection in Maine.

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Snowbird EMS Conference 2007

This link contains a PowerPoint that gives a basic overview of NEMSIS, what it means to EMS, where we are, and where we are going.

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