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Patient Care

This section contains files, downloads and webpages that deal with the treatment of patients within the Commonwealth.

Information for ED Registration (PDF)

Laerdal Recall for Certain Compact Suction Units: Laerdal Recall for Certain Compact Suction Units (PDF)

Voluntary Non-Opioid Directive Circular (PDF)

January 2015 Emergency Storm Waiver -- Storm Staffing Waiver 1262015 (PDF)

January 2015 Emergency Storm Waiver -- Storm Alternate Transport Destination Waiver 1262015 (PDF)

UPDATED Advisory, EMS Management of Suspected Ebola Virus Patients and Point of Entry (PDF)

Point of Entry Plan for Satellite ED at Quincy (PDF)

Poisoning/Substance Abuse/Overdose/Toxicology- Adult & Pediatric (PDF)

Emergency Protocol and A/R Update to Allow First Responders and EMTs to Administer Naloxone by Auto-Injector (PDF)

Key Messages - Ebola Virus Disease, West Africa (PDF)

Ebola Education and Information for Providers (PDF)

Ebola Checklist for EMS

Alert - Synthetic Designer Drugs (DOC)

U.S. CDC Interim Guidance for EMS Systems for Management of Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Virus Disease

Updated Revised ALS Medication List (PDF)

Memorandum: Required Medications on Paramedic-level Ambulances under the updated Statewide Treatment Protocols, v. 12.03 (PDF)

Statewide Treatment Protocols: Version 12.03 Change Chart (PDF)

REVISED Updated Statewide Treatment Protocols

REVISED Updated Statewide Treatment Protocols and EMERGENCY UPDATE to Protocol for Selective Spinal Assessment Procedure (Part 1) (PDF)

Guidance for First Responder Agencies: How to Set Up the Optional Naloxone Program (PDF)

Emergency Amendments to Drug Control Program and First Responder (FR) Training Regulations for FR Use of Naloxone (Narcan) & Immediate Implementation of Updated Protocol 2.14 of the Statewide Treatment Protocols, for EMT-Basic and First Responder Use of Naloxone (Narcan) (PDF)

***Region IV Trauma Point-of-Entry Plan*** UPDATED (PDF)

OEMS Continuing Education Application (PDF)

Region IV STEMI Point-of-Entry Plan (DOC)

Region IV Hospital Reference Guide (XLS)

Protocol/Treatment Algorithms & OEMS Advisories

Asprin Administration

Automatic External Defibrillation/ EPI-PEN Memo (DOC)

Comfort Care DNR

Viagra Protocol Changes

Stroke Center Designation and Stroke Point-of-Entry (PDF)

Combined Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)

HIPAA Compliance

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)