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MCI Communications Policy

MCI Communications The Pre-Hospital System Coordination Committee of Region IV has recently developed an MCI Communications Policy and Algorithm for field EMS providers to use on the scene of a Mass Casualty Incident. The policy was designed to utilize CMED for all medical communications from the outset of the incident to when the last patient is transported from the scene. This policy was also designed to let field providers know how to access additional EMS treatment resources as well as regional staff assistance if needed during an MCI.

The hope is that this MCI Communications policy will make EMS communications easier and more efficient for treating and transporting patients to definitive care in a timely and organized manner.

It is expected that all EMS providers will utilize this policy on the scene of an MCI for coordinating patient transport. Should providers have any questions regarding this policy or would like further education regarding the use of the policy please feel free to contact the Region IV EMS office at (781) 505-4367.

Mass Casualty Incident Communications Policy (DOC)

MCI Communications Algorithm (PDF)