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Emergency Protocol and A/R Update to Allow First Responders and EMTs to Administer Naloxone by Auto-Injector

Office of Emergency Medical Services

Department of Public Health                                                                                                               

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Emergency Update to Protocol and Administrative Requirement for First Responder Training, to Allow for First Responders and EMTs to Administer Naloxone by Auto-Injector


Under the authority of the state EMS Medical Director, the Statewide Treatment Protocols’ Protocol 2.14, Poisoning/Substance Abuse/Overdose/Toxicology is updated on an emergency basis as of today. This update allows First Responders, EMT-Basics and EMT-Intermediates to administer naloxone either intranasally, or by auto-injector. This emergency protocol change is due to the shortage of naloxone for intranasal administration, at a time when the Governor’s declared public health emergency for opiate overdose remains in effect,


In addition, the Department has updated the Administrative Requirement 2-100, Minimum Standards for First Responder Training in First Aid, Epinephrine Auto-Injector and Naloxone Use, as of today, to address training on use of naloxone auto-injectors.


These two changes taken together provide EMS and first responder agencies another option with respect to naloxone use.




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