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Continuing Education Applications and Updates

Please follow these instructions when completing your on-line continuing education application.

Should you have any questions, please contact our office at or



Application Time Line

All Con-ed Applications must be submitted minimum of 3 weeks before course start date.


If submitted 2 weeks before course start date: Please email providing a written explanation for the late submission of the program application. Applications will be reviewed and considered on a case by case basis.


Course applications submitted within 7 days of the program start date will not be approved. Special circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.


If submitting After Program Start Date this form cannot be used: Applications will not be approved by Region IV.: Per 105 CMR 170.960(F) “No program can begin or be advertised as approved prior to receiving an OEMS approval number.” You will need to contact Aaron Gettinger, OEMS directly


Step 1:

Please only check “Accredited Institutionif you are an OEMS approved accredited training institution.


All information with a red asterisk (*) must be completed. 


Step 2:

Program Title & Type – Please try and be as specific as possible.

For example, a program that satisfies NCCR for EMT-Basic also meets continuing education requirements for basic continuing education credit. In this example select BOTH NCCR Basic & Continuing Education – Basic.


Step 3:

Program Start Date: Courses will only be approved from submission date forward. The Regional offices CANNOT back-date applications.

Delivery Method: In-Person, Online, or In Person/Online (hybrid Courses). Select the delivery method that applies to the program that you are seeking credit for.

Number of Credit Hours: This is the number of education hours being offered by your programs.

            *Do not include set up time, meal breaks, rest breaks into total hours. *

Other Training Dates: If you know what dates, if any, you will be offering this program in the future then please note it here. Otherwise leave blank.

Program Address:


            If you are seeking blanket approval, enter either: Various locations (if only offered in Region IV). Remember if you are requesting blanket approval in Region IV, contact us at and use the Continuing Education Changes/Blanket Approval Notification button on the left hand side of the page. If going to be offered STATEWIDE please indicate Various Locations Statewide. For Statewide – notify the Region where the program will be held two weeks prior to holding the program.


Step 4:

Instructor’s Name, email & Day Time Phone: Please provide detailed information so that you are able to receive requests for follow-up information, approval numbers, etc.  

Request Blanket Approval: Please check this box if you will be running this program multiple times in multiple REGION IV locations.



Request Statewide Blanket Approval: Please check this box if you are offering the same program in multiple locations across the state. For example, if Walpole Fire Department (Region IV) wants to run a program in both their town, and run the same program in Foxboro (Region V) The program coordinator would need to apply for a statewide blanket approval.

Outside EMT’s – It is vital that you provide an answer to this question. Often times the office gets requests for continuing education programs that are being offered throughout the region. Knowing the answer to this question helps us give out accurate information to people looking to take continuing education credits.


Step 5:


Please attach a digital scan of your original signature. This online application will not be submitted without it. Additionally the Region will not approve the application if the attached signature file is not actually a signature. 

Course outlines are Mandatory. The only exception to this rule is for OEMS Accredited Training Institutions (ATI) that are teaching to their accreditation level. If an ATI is teaching above their accreditation level then they will need to provide an outline for the course. 


Download the A-R 2-200 Training Manual Here:

A-R 2-200 Manual Download





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