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Automatic External Defibrillation/ EPI-PEN Memo

With the advent of Service Zone Planning and the role and focus of the regions changing and evolving over the past few years, Region IV will no longer be tracking AED and Epi-pen requirements. As such, please update your AED and Epi-pen MOAs to reflect that Region IV is no longer party to them. If your services wish to execute a new MOA between your affiliate hospital and yourselves, a new template is on the Region IV website at

It is the recommendation of the Region that those services comprised of mixed staffing (first responder and EMT), or solely first responders, maintain some form of MOA with an affiliate hospital, with medical oversight of their services usage and QA/QI of AED and Epi-pen.

Should you have any questions regarding this memo, please contact our office at (781) 505-4367

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