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Protocol/Treatment Algorithms & OEMS Advisories

To:        All MA Ambulance Services, Accredited EMS Training Institutions and EMCAB members

From:    Abdullah Rehayem, Director

            Jon Burstein, MD, DPH EMS Medical Director

Re:       Updated Statewide Treatment Protocols, v. 9.01, Effective March 1, 1011

Date:    January 20, 2011


The updated version of the Statewide Treatment Protocols, v. 9.01, is now up on the DPH/OEMS website. Here are the links to cover memo, the chart highlighting changes to the Protocols this year, and the Statewide Treatment Protocols v. 9.01 themselves. As explained in these documents, the new Protocols are effective March 1, 2011, but ambulance services with staff trained and ambulances equipped may proceed to use the Protocols today.


·                       Memo: Changes coming to the Statewide Treatment Protocols in Version 9.01, effective March 1, 2011 (PDF) | RTF

o                                    Protocol Changes Chart (PDF) | RTF 

o                                    Emergency Medical Services Pre-hospital Treatment Protocols Version 9.01 (PDF 1.6MB) | Word 4.2MB 

Thank you again for providing quality care to the EMS patients of Massachusetts.

All PDF files are in Adobe Acrobat format. These can be read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from

Appendix U (PDF)

NGOGProgram (PDF)


Medication List (PDF)

Seizure Definition (PDF)

Albuterol Treatment BLS/ILS (PDF)

Capnography (PDF)

PICC Lines (PDF)

Adult Intraosseous Device (PDF)

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